Client : Department of National Defense / Directorate
of Knowledge And Information Management


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Project Description :

Project with the Directorate of Knowledge and Information Management for the Department of National Defense Information Management services consists of consolidating the Enterprise Information Architecture for the whole Department of the National Defense. The structure created for Enterprise Information Architecture will be used to create the structure for GCDOCS; SharePoint metadata structure as well as Shared Drives


Tasks performed :

  • Analysis of documentation such as - but not limited to - organizational charts, terms of reference, processes and other relevant documents as provided;
  • Requirements gathering through research and interviews using mind-mapping information tools;
  • Coordination and facilitation of JAD sessions with all stakeholders;
  • Creation of functional decomposition linked to Program Alignment Architecture of the organization as well as the Government Valuation Tools (GVT);
  • Documentation of main business processes;
  • Analysis of compiled information in order to create information model
  • Design and implementation of functional structure of SharePoint architecture.
  • Analysis between the Enterprise Information Architecture (EIA) and the integration of the data model with other tools such as SharePoint, GCDOCS and Share Drives.
  • Development of Taxonomies and Controlled Vocabularies.