Client : Canadian Army


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Project Description :

Work with the Canadian Army involved an integrated information architecture founded upon the SharePoint 2010 platform. The project included developing a data model for the Armed Forces using SharePoint 2010 together with C3 as well as the methodology to improve recordkeeping practices and enable compliance with the Recordkeeping Directive.


Tasks performed :

  • Analysis of documentation such as - but not limited to - organizational charts, terms of reference, processes and other relevant documents as provided
  • Requirements gathering through research and interviews using mind-mapping information tools
  • Coordination and facilitation of JAD sessions with all stakeholders
  • Creation of functional decomposition linked to Program Alignment Architecture of the organization as well as the Government Valuation Tools (GVT)
  • Documentation of main business processes
  • Analysis of compiled information in order to create information model
  • Design and implementation of functional structure of SharePoint architecture
  • Analyzed the relationship between the Army data and IM Enterprise Information Architecture (EIA)